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  1. Nepali Land Measurement App – NaaPI

Ever encountered a problem of measuring lands when doing business? Do you need to measure your land in the Nepali measurement system? It is a known fact that measuring the land requires the presence of a special surveyor. When you need to find out the measurement of your land, you will need to call a surveyor. Now, with the Naapi app, all of this trouble will be phased out. Simply measure the land in normal SI unit and Naapi, the Nepali land measurement app, will convert it to Nepali land measurement unit.

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  1. Railway in Nepal and its scope

In the primitive days goods were carried as head loads or in carts drawn by men or animals. Then efforts were made to replace animal power with mechanical power. In 1769, Nicholes Carnot, a Frenchman, carried out the pioneering work of developing steam energy. This work had very limited success and it was only in the year 1804 that Richard Trevithick designed and constructed a steam locomotive. This locomotive, however, could be used for traction on roads only. The credit of perfecting the design goes to George Stephenson, who in 1814 produced the first steam locomotive used for traction in railways.  For detail click…



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