Nepali Land Measurement App – NaaPI –

Nepali Land Measurement App – NaaPI

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Ever encountered a problem of measuring lands when doing business? Do you need to measure your land in the Nepali measurement system? It is a known fact that measuring the land requires the presence of a special surveyor. When you need to find out the measurement of your land, you will need to call a surveyor. Now, with the Naapi app, all of this trouble will be phased out. Simply measure the land in normal SI unit and Naapi, the Nepali land measurement app, will convert it to Nepali land measurement unit.

Specially designed for use around the Kathmandu valley, Naapi has been fed with the Nepali units of land measurements. Get a measuring tape and start measuring the details of your land.Enter the data of the measurements in Naapi. You will not even require a map plotter has Naapi already ahs the inbuilt feature.

Quick and Easy

Naapi is quick and extremely easy to use, just measure the details, input it to your mobile and Naapi will instantly give the area of the plot in Nepali units.

Drawing figure

Naapi has an inbuilt plotter. Once you enter the details, it will instantly draw the figure of your plot. Calculation of Area of the plot is even faster and easier after that.

Drawing Map

The Naapi app will draw the map of your plot in seconds. This detail can then be utilized in order to calculate the area of the land under question.

Conversion, Quick, and Easy

There might be the immediate need to convert the local unit to standard unit at times. This too can be done easily with the help of Naapi. It will help in the conversion of the area between the standard units and the local unit.

Now eliminate the need of a surveyor to take out the area of your land. Just download the app to your mobile and it will come in handy the next time you need to calculate the area of your land. Use the extensive Nepali Land measurement app and you are good to go.

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