Civil Engineering

As one of the oldest engineering disciplines, civil engineering is responsible for maintaining society’s infrastructure. Civil engineers ensure safe construction, operation and maintenance of structures, such as roads, bridges, buildings and dams. Due to the importance of their duties, civil engineering has particular educational and skill requirements.

Civil engineering is considered as the first discipline of the various branches of engineering after military engineering, and includes the designing, planning, construction, and maintenance of the infrastructure. The works include roads, bridges, buildings, dams, canals, water supply and numerous other facilities that affect the life of human beings. Civil engineering is intimately associated with the private and public sectors, including the individual homeowners and international enterprises. It is one of the oldest engineering professions, and ancient engineering achievements due to civil engineering include the pyramids of Egypt and road systems developed by the Romans.

Civil engineering has a significant role in the life of every human being, though one may not truly sense its importance in our daily routine. The function of civil engineering commences with the start of the day when we take a shower, since the water is delivered through a water supply system including a well designed network of pipes, water treatment plant and other numerous associated services. The network of roads on which we drive while proceeding to school or work, the huge structural bridges we come across and the tall buildings where we work, all have been designed and constructed by civil engineers. Even the benefits of electricity we use are available to us through the contribution of civil engineers who constructed the towers for the transmission lines. In fact, no sphere of life may be identified that does not include the contribution of civil engineering. Thus, the importance of civil engineering may be determined according to its usefulness in our daily life.


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